Mothers Army

Mothers Army

Mothers Army is dedicated to uniting the women of the world as mothers to ensure safety and security of children, women and girls in all spheres of life and work. 

Mothers Army (MA), under the aegis of ALL Ladies League (ALL), will form MA chapters across the world, in every nook and corner, to ensure that women walk and work with protection and peer support for safety and redressal. 

MA Chapters will work with resident welfare associations, police, lawyers, civil society and other law enforcement agencies to ensure its goals of violence free societies for women, girls and children everywhere. 


Mothers Army operates through its chapters led by Presidents at every level following distributed leadership. The role of every President is to grow the Mothers Army into a force to reckon with in the protection of women and their rights. The structure of the chapters is organised as follows: 

National President: 

Every country will have One National President who will nominate State/ Region/ UT (Union Territory) Presidents. 

State/ Region/ UT President: 

Every State/ Region/ UT President will nominate City/District Presidents. 

City/District President: 

Every City/District President will nominate Colony/Cluster Presidents. 

Colony/Cluster President

Every Colony/Cluster President will nominate Members. 

Denim Club Partners & Members: 

The Denim Club is a Group of He-for-She Champions globally, comprising leaders and luminaries from all domains, advocating for gender equity and equality, mitigating barriers to women’s representation, leadership and entrepreneurship. 

The Denim Club began with male allies supporting Chairs at the G100 Club and now extends its support to our sister platforms WICCI and ALL. 


- Every President at Mothers Army can have One Denim Club Partner in support.   

- In addition, Presidents can also invite male allies as advisory members of the respective chapter, who will form part of Denim Club as members. 

Connect: To connect to any of the Presidents or to join the Mothers Army in any role, please write to us at